Memorable Comments From Opening Civil Society Activities At The Wto 10th Ministerial Conference

90 people from 25 countries of OWINFS member country are attending the MC 10 from trade unions, social movements, CSOs, community groups, academics, trade experts and think tanks. Here are some of the memorable statements of the day from some of the members of the Our World is Not For Sale Network (OWINFS)

“Separating export competition from other key agricultural issues is an affront to those countries that have made concrete proposals. Export competition is not the most trade distorting or damaging form of support.”

-Timothy A. Wise, Tufts University / +254 732 976 576

"Food is a right. Food in Africa is a way of life. It's our culture, our way of life."

Jane Nalunga. SEATINI

"The elephant in the room is the corporate agenda." 

Jane Nalunga. SEATINI

"The negotiations in the WTO are not about subsidies for farmers in the developed world. They are mostly about subsidies to corporations in developed countries."

Jane Nalunga. SEATINI

"Whoever controls seeds controls food, and whoever controls food, controls the world."

Justus Lawi Mwololo, Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum / +254 711 754 515

"The WTO needs to take action on cotton, targeting US cotton subsidies under its new Farm Bill. They suppress prices, and they will cost Africa's C4 cotton producers $80 million per year. That dwarfs the small benefits to those countries of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which amount to only $264,000." 

Timothy A. Wise, Tufts University 

"There has to be a permanent solution to the public stockholding issue."

Biraj Patnaik, Indian Right to Food Movement

"The US and EU are showing deep hypocrisy in claiming that India, China, South Africa and other developing countries should be treated as  developed countries, effectively eliminating the principle of special and differential treatment."

Biraj Patnaik, Indian Right to Food Movement

"US hypocrisy at the negotiating table stands thoroughly exposed at Nairobi even before the Ministerial has commenced. It is now up to all developing countries to unite to ensure the continuation of the development mandate, and not allowing any new issues on the table".

Biraj Patnaik, Right to Food Campaign, India

+254 792000786 (text/ call) / +91-98688-28474 (whatsapp)

"The Doha Development Agenda must continue. And there should be no new issues put on the table at the WTO."

Yash Tandon, SEATINI, author of the new book, Trade is War


"We want to ensure that Africa has enough domestic food production to feed its people. We need a WTO that supports that."

-Sylvester Bagooro, Third World Network, Ghana

"The LDC package is weaker than we wanted, but Nairobi must deliver a binding package for LDCs, which are the most vulnerable countries in the world."

Prerna Bomzan, LDC Watch, Nepal

"We call on developing countries not to sign on to the plurilateral agreements on International Trade in Services and the Environmental Goods Agreement. They have nothing to gain. These agreements will further consolidate those sectors, making it more difficult for developing countries to enter those markets."

Jorgos Altinsis [spelling], ITUCf, representing 180 million workers worldwide

"We have seen in the last 14 years of at the WTO a weakening of the principle of special and differential treatment and agricultural reforms, the core of the Doha Development Agenda."

"On the new issues - investment, competition, and procurement - we are united north and south: we oppose the inclusion of these new issues."

Deborah James, OWINFS / +254 770 514543

"The EU does not have a mandate at the WTO to push for the inclusion of investment. Civil society in the EU overwhelmingly opposes it."

Polly Jones, Global Justice Now, UK

Press Contacts for more interviews and quotes: OWINFS

Jessa Boehner: +254 792 001 074

Lenn Wanyama: +254 702 629 149

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