1. The Green Room process excludes Africa. Africa is being marginalised on the very soil of Africa.
  2. A likely outcome of this non-transparent process would devastate Africa’s economy and Policy Space.
  3. This will create massive unemployment in Africa, especially youth and women. It will disposess millions people of their livelihoods and become internal refugees in Africa, and easily half a million people potential refugees heading for Europe no matter what the obstacles.
  4. Africa will work in solidarity with India to protest against an outcome that violates the food sovereignty and livelihoods of our people. Global South will not be divided and conquered.
  5. Africa should walk out of this conference; it has nothing for Africa that our governments can offer to our people.
  6. We denounce any effort by the industrialized countries to blame Africa and the developing countries if this Conference fails. The blame lies squarely with the developed countries who have designed an asymmetrical, unjust system of global trade governance.
  7. We appeal to our solidarity movements in other parts of the world to support the struggles of the people of Africa and Policy Space for our Governments.

This statement was drafted by the following as an urgent intervention in a fast-moving unfolding process from which Africa was excluded. We had to take a stand, and we hope that many more will join us to support this statement.


William Madiwa Tanzannia Trade & Economic Justice Forum

Rebecca Tanui, Building Eastern Africa Community Network

Phitus Jillo, Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum

Justus Lavi, Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum

Nelson Mungala, Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum

Yash Tandon, SEATINI International, East Africa

Nathan Irumba, SEATINI International, East Africa

Jane Nalunga, SEATINI, Uganda

Collen Gwiyo, SEATINI, Zimbabwe

Sylvester Bagooro, Third World Network, Africa

Boniface Mabanza, Africa Diaspora Desk, DRC/Germany

Liepollo Lebohang Pheko, Trade Collective, South Africa

Riaz Tayob, Trade Collective, South Africa.

Bibi Khan, South African Women in Dialogue-Southern Forums.

Crecentia Mofokeng, Building Woodworkers International;

Liepollo Lebohang Pheko, Trade Strategy Group, South Africa.

Wanjiru Njehiah, Africa Centre for Security Governance and Research; and African Diaspora Desk; Kenya/Germany

George Kabongah, Africa Centre for Security Governance and Research, Kenya

Emmanuel Quartey, Federation of Entrepreneurs, Ghana

Yvonne Takang, AIDIC, Cameroun

Guy-Marius Sagna, Coalition Nationale Contre les APE, Senegal

Isaac Mwaipopo, Centre for trade & Development Policy, Zambia

John Mary Odoy, Citizens’ Action Platform, Uganda

Mideva Edda, Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum

Leonard Wanyama, Society for International Development, Kenya

Abdou- Rahime Diallo, Africa Diaspora Desk, Guinea/Germany

Milka Isinta, Pan African Network in Defence of Migrant Rights

Davinder Lamba, Mazingira Institute, Kenya

Zahid Rajan, Awaaz, Kenya

Zarina Patel, Awaaz, Kenya

Demba Dembele, LDC Watch, Senegal

Date: Nairobi, 19 December 2015, 14.20


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